D’Lor Salon & Spa

1180 Fairburn Rd. Ste. 100  Atlanta, GA  30331
Cynthia Johnson - Licensed Cosmetologist w/32yrs of experience
Patrick Tingling
Atlanta, GA
Consultant/Interior Designer: 
Donna Rossi
Beneficial Consultant:
Debbie Doss

In the 1980s I owned and operated three successful salons in Florida with my late husband.  Several years later I sold my salons and moved to Atlanta, GA where I opened up a new salon, Cindy’s Beauty Salon.    

Most recently my current husband, Patrick Tingling, and I decided to open a 2nd location, a 3500 sq. ft. upscale salon and day spa.  I found this experience much more pleasurable then my previous experience.    

When I opened my first salon in the early 80’s I struggled alone through the process of designing my salon, selecting the equipment and choosing financial resources.   While I learned a lot through trial and error, my most recent experience was quite different. 

For our new location, we called on Belvedere’s Atlanta Design Studio and were put in touch with Donna Rossi, the area manager.  While we contacted Belvedere only thinking of the equipment, we ended up with so much more.  They acted as project manager walking us through each and every phase of the project.  Their resources were limitless covering everything from a design team, who helped us with the layout of our salon to a sales rep who advised us on our equipment selection and color schemes to the referrals to local architects and contractors. 

Although we played an active role in this process, it was invaluable to have all of these professionals working by our side. In addition, Belvedere’s equipment selection and options for customization were limitless.  As a result, we were able to get exactly what we envisioned.

This process was made even more simplistic when Belvedere referred us to a finance company called Beneficial Capital.  With our previous salon openings, financing the equipment was a concept that was foreign to us.  As a result, we found ourselves using our personal funds.  Using Beneficial’s money instead of our own enabled us to put our money to better use.  In addition, their ability to defer our payments for several months gave us the breathing room necessary for all new businesses to succeed.

A special thanks to Belvedere and Beneficial Capital.

Cynthia Johnson
Patrick Tingling

Owners, D’Lor Salon & Spa, Fairburn, Ga.

D’Lor Salon & Spa
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